Football Picks

2021 NFL Season

Welcome to the NFL 2021 Regular Season!

Join the fun of the SHCRE Football Challenge! Entry is free and open to all Tenants (physically located in a SHCRE managed property), Vendors and Invitees of SHCRE. Submissions are limited to one (1) per person.

Please choose a winner from each of the listed games, and a final score guess for the last game listed. Final score for the last game should be entered as a total number of points scored for both teams. Final score shall only be used in the case of a tie breaker situation.

Final Score Example: If Team A scores 21 points and Team B scores 7 points, Total Score would be 28.

All submissions are due prior to kickoff of the first game.

Good Luck!

Week 18: 1/8 – 1/9

  • Pick a winning team from the following matchups: